You’re not truly a pop diva unless you’ve had a nip slip. All the A-listers have had ‘em. In fact, they are too numerous to mention at this point, but J. Lo and Nicki Minaj come to mind as recent unintended flashers.

Next up: Keri Hilson.

Ms. Hil wore a blue, orange, white and black color-blocked sheer top that was see-through, leaving nothing to the imagination… At all. Color-blocking is a top fashion trend right now, but Hilson committed a major faux pas. Didn’t she pass by a mirror before hitting the red carpet? This is certainly a “What was she thinking?” moment.

Hilson paired the top with a black skirt, highlighter yellow nails, round white granny glasses and bright orange lipstick. She’s on point with the bold hues that are set to define S/S 12 (that’s Spring/Summer 2012 in fashion speak), but it’s all marred by the fact that she went bra-free.

You can also see Hilson’s belly-button, along with the uh, you know, headlights.

What do you think, Pop Crush readers? Gratuitious? Accidental? Attention seeking? Unnecessary? Daring? Fashion risk taking? Trashy?

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