Brit-Brit proved that she is a true professional during an onstage wardrobe malfunction.

Ok, before I get into how amazing Britney is for her "the show must go on" mentality can we re-watch that video and admire her bod? Girl is looking good! There are very few people that can pull of a see through body suit, and Brit has managed to do it for over a decade.

Honestly, I'm shocked that Ms. Spears' "baby Brit's" didn't come out to play while she was dancing around with the entire back of her body suit wide open! And hi-five to her back up dancers for helping her out, they get a gold star in professionalism too.

Seriously though, even through that body suit you can see Britney's abs are on point. Excuse me while I go re-watch this video again... #goals.

[via Inside Edition]