Watch his reaction.

Kevin Durant seemed to be the one to tell his teammate Stephen Curry that rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered and Curry's reaction was caught on tape.

You see Durant walk up to Curry during pre-game warmups and tells him something. Immediately, Curry puts his hands on his head in what appears to be disbelief.

For a while, the NBA star leaves his hands on his head and just walks around as if he is hoping this is all a joke or prank, but it's not.

Like most of the entertainment world, several athletes who were close to Hussle could not believe that he was gunned down in the front of his L.A. clothing store---In broad daylight.

Several reports out today say that LAPD Detectives have someone they are focusing on in their investigation, but as of writing this no one has been arrested in the murder of Nipsey Hussle.

Hussle was 33-years-old and leaves behind two children.