Lil Wayne Denied Access Into NBA Playoff Game
Rapper Lil Wayne went to twitter to pitch a fit when he was denied access to an NBA Playoff game between the Thunder/Spurs. He tweeted, “Going to go to the Thunder game tonight but was denied by the team to be in their arena. Wow.”
President Barack Obama Disses Kanye West Again!!! [VIDEO]
President Barack Obama still isn't showing much love towards rapper Kanye West. During a sit-down interview with the magazine The Atlantic, President Obama said that while he totally respects West for all of his accomplishment, he still thinks West is a "Jackass." When the reporter David S…
2-Year-Old Rapper Shows Impressive Delivery + Swagger
OMGX2. You thought Justin Bieber had swagger and Lil Wayne had flow? Pft. Then you ain’t witnessed the untouchable awesomeness of 2-year-old Alim Kamara. The little boy is unbelievable. He raps with his dad, Femi Iloyi, but it’s not exactly formed words and sentences words that are coming out of his…
Soulja Boy Had A Rough 2011…What Will 2012 Bring???
As we all begin the count down to 2012, no one may want the year 2011 to come to an end any quicker than rapper Soulja Boy. The young rapper has had a rough 2011, and by the looks of things the end of the year may sum up how his entire year has been...A rough one!!!