A person of interest that has been linked to the Jennings 8 murders has died. Frankie Richard, a former strip club owner who was reportedly linked to all eight victims died on Saturday.

The story of the eight women and the lack of justice in their deaths has been the subject of countless articles, books, and even a television series. Murder in the Bayou was featured as a five-part true crime docu-series on the Showtime network last year. It is still available for viewing on many streaming platforms.

The television series and the book chronicled the unsolved murder of eight women whose bodies were discovered at various locations around South Louisiana. Frankie Richard and his Niece Hannah Conner were implicated as persons of interest in several of the cases. In fact, they were both arrested in 2007 but were released due to a lack of conclusive evidence.

According to Frankie Richard's obituary, the family will have a memorial service at a later date.




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