If you have ever been on a golf course you know the one golden rule on any course: NEVER pickup a golf ball if its NOT your ball!! The same could be said if you are attending a pro golf tournament...NEVER pickup a ball from the course. Well, one kid at the John Deere Classic Golf Tournament must not have been aware of the Golden Rule!!!Watch as one young boy scoops up a ball that was hit in his direction last Sunday while in attendance at the professional tournament. On the final hole of the round, Troy Matteson, shanked his drive into the trees under which where the boy was standing and that is where the unthinkable happened.


Yes, the young boy looks around and snags the ball, a souvenir, but is later called out by those around him. The young boy did drop the ball in the vicinity of where it landed, and Matteson continued play on the 18th hole.

As the rule states , the ball that was picked up was later dropped where it landed and luckily for Matteson it did not interfere in his play of the 18th hole. He would force a playoff hole, but later lost the tournament in the playoff round.

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