No matter how many toys are on their wish list, every Cajun kid needs one of these under their Christmas tree this holiday season.

When my friend Sheena brought this toy by our studios earlier this year, I told her it was "genius," and now that I see the Lil Bit Crawfish Boil Set popping up all over social media and in local shops it seems that a lot of others are loving it too.

Lil Boil Co.

Back in May, Steve Forster (creator of the Lil Bit Crawfish Boil Set) told WGNO that his three sons tested the set out for a year before it was available to the public.

They were my little test group, so when daddy was bringing prototypes home to try to find which size pot, play with the crawfish, if those claws break off, they were my control group

At that time, Forster had sold around 5000 sets and the toy was on back order for eight weeks. Fast forward to today and his toy is in the Southern Living Christmas Catalog, numerous local newspapers and is arguably the hottest local toy this holiday season.

For generations, toys like the Easy-Bake Oven have been popular amongst the little ones, but this specific toy adds the perfect touch of Cajun culture to a proven favorite. Kids can "boil" the water, toss in the crawfish, season them up, then add their potatoes and corn.

Forster's wife Kellie says the concept behind the toy is simple, and all "based on tradition."

It's such a huge part of being from the South, everything revolves around food and drink around here, so to see our kids try to take on that tradition and watching them play with it and pretend to be grownups, where they're boiling crawfish.

The Lil Bit Crawfish Boil Set is available locally at the Silver Suitcase in downtown Lafayette—and an added perk with shopping local is that you can actually personalize the pot for your little ones.

Silver Suitcase

For more info on the Crawfish Boil Set, just check out the Lil Boil website.