Who doesn't love a good family crawfish boil?

It's filled with family and friends and just a good ole time. But there are all types of people at a crawfish boil and it keeps things interesting.

The website CrawfishPrices.net nailed it with the list of people that show up once the mudbugs are cooked. I can totally relate to this list, can you?

Here are just a couple that I liked:

  1. The Boil Master- My best-friend to this day boils all the crawfish. I mean he really has crawfish boiling down to a science. He knows exactly the about of water to put into a pot, exactly the amount of veggies to crawfish ratio. LOL! It's actually pretty cool to watch.
  2. The Day Drinker - We all have that one friend or family member that shows up with a lawn chair and an ice chest and a whole bunch of stories. He doesn't bring anything for anyone because he's only there to drink.
  3. The OCD Peeler - OMG! I have a cousin that is like this. She perfectly places the heads in a line and separates the tail shell from everything. I've often asked her why she does this, and her reply is. "I have to do this, it makes me feel better." ????

To see the entire list of people that you see at a crawfish boil head over to the CrawfishPrices.net. If we forgot anyone please comment below.

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