As I continue my week of appreciation for anything that ISN'T hateful, negative, or related to the George Zimmerman verdict and it's terrible backlash, I came across this video that will restore your faith in the new generation. It's a video of kids reacting to that controversial interracial Cheerios commercial. You know, the one with the cute little girl who poured the cereal on her daddy's chest because her mom told her it was good for his heart.

Even though I - along with many others - thought the commercial was completely adorable, many felt that it was disgusting of Cheerios to promote the idea that interracial couples actually exist, and sometimes **gasp** produce adorable biracial kids. The comments on the YouTube were so nasty and racist that Cheerios had to disable them as all the non-racists in America did a collective facepalm.

But as you will see in the video below, when the kids watch the video, none of them can tell the interviewer whats "wrong" with the commercial. When they are told that people were angry about the mixed-race couple their reactions are genuine confusion. One kid says,

It’s just the color of their skin, what matters is if they’re nice or mean,

While many of us see racism running rampant in our social feeds, it's refreshing; wishful thinking, if you will - to see this up and coming generation understanding that "love is love." Or as Morgan, one of the most animated kids in the video says, "some people just fall in love like that."

Imagine, if more people thought like this kids, how peaceful our News Feeds would be?

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