You've heard of chicken on a stick to corndog on a stick. So why hasn't anyone thought of this before?


Sugar Loves Cakes out of Slidell La. came up with the idea. Before you think you're going to steal the idea, they've already trademarked the name "King Cake on a Stick."  It's such a genius idea, how in the history of King Cakes, parade routes and Mardi Gras has no one come up with this idea until now?

According to Living in Slidell owner of Sugar Love,Sierra Dee,

"First had the idea while attending a local festival. One of the menu items was chicken on a stick.At the time, Sierra had already begun her baking business out of her home. It also happened to be king cake season and she thought “wouldn’t it be cool to have both!”

King Cake on a Stick was born."

To find what parade route they're selling King Cake on a Stick and pricing CLICK HERE.

King Cake on a Stick returns to Slidell, Krewe of Slidellians, Sunday January 17th @ 1PM.


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