The NBA Playoffs are well underway, and anytime a celebrity can sit court-side at the Staples Center to watch the L.A. Lakers, they don't miss the opportunity. Well, Monday night the two "funny guys," Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly were sitting court-side, for the Lakers/Mavericks game, and they were featured on the arenas Kiss-Cam.Being the good sports, the two actors/comedians did not let the crowd down at the game. As soon as they were featured on the big-screens in the arena, Ferrel and Reilly locked lips in front of the sold crowd. The Kiss-Cam has become very popular as of late at most sporting events, and I've always rushed to the concessions or restroom as soon as I see it pop-up on the jumbo trons. You never know who is the booth and ready to get you on the screens. In any case, these two guys played up to the Camera, and left many in the venue laughing.