Flowers, blah. Chocolate, boring. Candlelight dinner at a 5-star restaurant, so last year.

Pink macaroni and cheese that tastes like candy -- straight to ya girl's heart!

This Valentine's Day, Kraft is introducing a new macaroni and cheese. The limited-edition noodles have the same delicious cheesy flavor as the original, but with an extra candy packet that turns everything into a bright pink color and adds a bit of sweetness.

A bit surprising, fans seemed pretty pumped about this new mac & cheese, commenting things like: "my dream Valentine's Day dinner" and "nothing says romance like candy mac!!!!"

You want some, don't you? Well, unfortunately, you won't be able to just run down to your local grocery store and pick up a box. You can only win one.

Kraft is giving away only 1,000 boxes to lucky lovebirds. To enter, visit

The deadline to enter is 12:00 pm on February 8, 2021 and Kraft is ensuring that all winners will get their treats by Valentine's Day.

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