Kraft pulled off the "world's largest blind taste test" when they changed the recipe to their classic Macaroni & Cheese dinners, and no one noticed.

On Monday Kraft revealed that three months ago they got rid of dyes Yellow 5 and 6, swapping them for paprika, annatto, and tumeric to maintain that iconic neon yellow color that we grew up grubbing on.

Back in December Kraft scrapped artificial flavors, dye, and preservatives from it's Mac & Cheese and since then have sold 50 million boxes (on par with their normal sales) and literally, no one blinked an eye or noticed anything was different.

This is a good thing, according to vice president of meals at Kraft Heinz,

We’d invite Americans to try our new recipe, but they most likely already have

There is nothing new about the packaging, and the new ingredients ARE on the label—but again, no one noticed.

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Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

This move is consistent with move Kraft said they planned on making last April; changing things up with their Mac & Cheese meals to appeal to the health conscious consumers. Kraft made the swap without telling anyone to avoid preempting or swaying the perception of any consumers that "changing the recipe would hurt the taste."

So now that we know about the switch, how does the new recipe compare to the old one?

Kraft said they cooked up a box of the old and a box of the new and hit the streets of NYC. Many of the taste-testers said there was little change in taste, but those who noticed a difference said they needed to tweak "the formula a little bit."

When given a choice, people picked the original recipe over the healthier version—even though they knew the original recipe had artificial ingredients. But, you almost have to wonder if the people who chose the original recipe would have even noticed the change if they weren't told about it.

After all, 50 million other people totally missed it.

Have you had Kraft Mac & Cheese recently? Did you notice a difference?


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