Fellas, you can totally weigh in too!

Summertime is here and if you're like me, you are rocking a messy ponytail pretty much daily. I tend to get hot easily and since it's still frowned upon to be sweaty in public, I try to keep my hair off of my neck to stay cool. I prefer to use the same old hair tie that is stretched out to the perfect length to lock my hair in place with one twist.

Notice I used the words "hair tie" to describe this device.

However, not everyone calls this stretchy band a hair tie. Some call it a ponytail holder or a hair elastic or a hair band. I've even heard these called scrunchies. No, no. Scrunchies went out a long time ago, just ask Carrie Bradshaw. And no, they're not coming back.

Popsugar Beauty has recently sparked this debate.

So, what do you call these things? Do you think it's a regional thing? Or do we all just pick up where our mothers (or fathers with their man buns) left off?

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