We are guilty of once saying, "If Lafayette only had ______." You fill-in the blank. Well now the city/parish of Lafayette wants to hear what you have to say when it comes to filling-in the blank. Yes, Lafayette Consolidated  Government wants to hear your input or advice in regards to what Lafayette needs to improve and to grow. The most important part of Lafayette City-Parish Government's comprehensive plan is your input.


And with that comes several town-hall style meetings in the near future. Here is a list of the locations where the meetings will be held, and local government officials urge you to get involved. Here is your chance to voice your opinion or concerns about Lafayette. If enough good ideas are formulated, Lafayette can only improve and grow in the near future.

The plan only applies to the City of Lafayette and any un-incorporated towns in the parish.

Here's a complete list of this week's meetings:
Tuesday, April 17, Noon, Milton Civic Organization
Tuesday, April 17, 6 p.m., Comeaux High School
Wednesday, April 18, Noon, Acadiana Center for the Arts
Wednesday, April 18, 6 p.m., Ossun Elementary
Thursday, April 19, 6 p.m., Holy Rosary Windolph Hall

For more information and updates on the Lafayette Comprehensive Plan, you can visit the Facebook Page they have setup.

This story was recently aired on a KATC-TV 3 Newscast.