The officer who sustained significant injuries after being run over and dragged by a vehicle this past weekend has been identified.

Officer Brian Rozas has been with the Lafayette Police Department for the last two years and has spent much of his career in law enforcement, serving the public through different agencies and municipalities.

lafayette police officer brian rozas

While working off-duty detail, Rozas was in a situation where a suspect attempted to flee officers during a traffic stop. When the suspect put his car into reverse to flee, he ran over Rozas, dragging him for approximately 100 feet before the car finally came to a stop.

Harrowing video of the scene showed officers physically lifting the suspect's vehicle off of Rozas to rush him to the hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

Luckily, medical professionals were able to get the officer into a stable condition, but due to his significant injuries, Rozas was far from being out of the woods.

A GoFundMe was set up to help the officer who routinely worked extra details on off days as a second income that his family relied on.

On behalf of the Police Association of Lafayette and the family of LPD Officer Brian Rozas, we would like to take this opportunity to give our heartfelt thanks to our community. You have really shown up in a big way. We have surpassed our goal on the gofundme and the support keeps coming. For that, we are ever grateful.

Officer Rozas and many officers work off duty security to supplement their income. The purpose of the fundraising we have initiated, including the gofundme, is to insure that as Officer Rozas recovers and heals, those same funds he would have made are available to he and his young daughter. Again, a huge thank you to our Lafayette community, and Mayor President Guillory and his administration, for the support and prayers for our brother. As always, it is our honor to protect and serve you.

Due to his injuries, it will be quite some time before any decision can be made on Rozas' ability to get back to work as an officer or any extra detail work.

The fundraiser for Rozas was organized by The Police Association of Lafayette and yesterday, Det. Charles Broussard posted a significant update on Officer Rozas' developing condition.

Fantastic news! Treating health care providers were able to wake Officer Rozas and he squeezed his hands and wiggled his toes. He was also able to answer questions by shaking his head. He does have a fever, but doctors think it is secondary to trauma rather than infection.

This morning, Broussard offered another update that reiterated that Rozas's condition may have been positive but the officer's long road continues as his family is asking for prayers.

Local businesses have also posted fundraisers as the community continues to keep Officer Rozas and his family in their thoughts.

Earlier this morning, nationally syndicated Walton & Johnson told Rozas's story on their show, encouraging listeners to donate to his GoFundMe.

All funds collected will go directly to Officer Brian Rozas and his family.

Facebook, Brian Rozas
Facebook, Brian Rozas

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