We love stories that end like this.

A young lady recently had her bike stolen in Lafayette, and when a Lafayette Police Officer heard her story, she knew she had to do something for her.

Officer Morgan Colla of LPD recently responded to a call in reference to a stolen bike and when she arrived where the bike was stolen, she heard how important the bike was to one young lady.

According to the post on social media by the LPD, the young lady used her bike, which was stolen, to run errands for her mother who just had surgery.


When Officer Colla was made aware of such, that is when she jumped into action and went beyond the call of duty.

The Lafayette Pollice Officer rallied folks together and got the girl a new bike through a donation from Walmart.

Now, this young lady can continue to assist her mom thanks to the generosity of Officer Colla and Walmart.


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