Some patients have already been evacuated from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital in light of damage received in the area due to major Hurricane Laura. Some of that hospital's tiniest patients are not being treated in Lafayette.

KATC is reporting that several NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, babies were transported yesterday from Lake Charles to Our Lady of Lourdes Women's and Children's Hospital in Lafayette. The transfer of the particularly vulnerable patients was skillfully handled by Acadian Ambulance and a NICU team from Women's and Children's.

The reason for the evacuations according to a report on KPLC television from Lake Charles are concerns over the power and water supply to the Lake Charles hospital. A spokesman told the television station that the medical facility uses a lot of water and a lot of electricity in their care for patients and administrators felt the current situation in Lake Charles warranted the transfer.

Hospital officials in Lake Charles say efforts are being made to keep those patients that are being transferred in Louisiana. Many other medical facilities in Southwest Louisiana that were in the path of Laura find themselves in a similar position. It's just good to know that our medical community, as taxed as they have been with COVID-19, are still willing and able to reach out and help those who need it the most.


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