This past Saturday night I was fortunate to DJ an outdoor wedding near Duson. At the end of the night, the wedding party and guests released lit lanterns into the dark sky.

As the lanterns floated away, I couldn't help but think of all of the people seeing this and asking, "What is going on?"

Honestly, had I seen this from I-10 or anywhere else in south Louisiana I'd have freaked out. It was very odd to see so many objects in the sky, while lit.

Some guests had trouble getting their lantern into the sky at first, but all of the lanterns made it into the dark sky and faded aways towards the south. These lanterns are biodegradable and pose no thereat to the environment.

So, if you saw any "foreign objects" in the sky Saturday night over Duson or Ridge, it was NOT UFOs. It was the lanterns released into the sky at the end of a beautiful wedding reception.

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