A wild police chase happened in Los Angeles and it was all caught on camera.

LAPD was in pursuit of a stolen construction truck, that had a sign hitched to it, and the driver of the truck did not go down easily.

In the videos below you will see that the driver of the truck couldn't care less about the sign he was dragging, even with lots of sparks coming from it.


Police units stayed back until one of their armored vehicles was able to approach the truck and ultimately force it to come to a stop on the freeway.

The chase however would not stop there as the driver of the truck exited it and started to run along the freeway.

A helicopter was able to follow the suspect while he ran from police, but a K9 officer was quick to bring down the man who allegedly stole the truck.

Here are a few videos highlighting the chase.

Now, here's the entire chase that was caught on camera and as you will see here, the man driving the truck did not take others in traffic into much consideration while running from police.


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