For folks around Acadiana, Lean Cuisine may want to rethink their new nutrition service name.

The new eight week personalized nutrition program, of course, shares its name with one of Louisiana's most famous rodents.

But what exactly is the Lean Cuisine "Nutria" all about? This is what their website says:

"Nutria is the next step in personalized nutrition. With insights from your DNA, we partner with experienced nutritionists to provide you with customized meal plans that empower you to make better food choices."

An app connects you to your Nutria coach for help with tracking meals, getting recipes, and setting wellness goals. The Nutria program costs $79 with DNA collection, and $39 without.

The nutria we know has become such a problem in the area that the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has a Nutria Control Program that pays $5 a tail.

Let's hope, for Lean Cuisine's sake, that people in Louisiana can get over the name.

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