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One of the beautiful things about living in the deep south is that the food here is GREAT!! Not only are the dishes in the deep south often delicious, they are also unique in nature. Now I'll go on the record and say, those listed below are NOT all my favorite. For example, you will never catch me eating nutria or snake. However, here are a few unique dishes some call deliquesces in the deep south of our country.



Grilled Snake

Here is one of the southern dishes I refuse to try. "Snake On A Stick" is one southern meal or dish I'll leave for the "pros." While I'm sure that this southern delicacy is tastey, and probably crunchy, just the idea of eating something that slithers around scares me. I don't like snakes, I don't want to touch snakes, and I sure don't want to eat snakes!!!
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I'll admit to this one, I have had squirrel in a gravy before. However, I was young when I first tried this and the ONLY reason I tried squirrel was because I was with several family members and friends out on a hunting trip. The food was scarce and squirrel was the only form of meat on the menu that night. However, it has been YEARS since I had squirrel and I don't plan on trying it any time soon. There is something about grubbing on a little creature that looks like a RAT to me. Not happening!! However, many in the deep south consider this to be a true southern style meal.


Nutria has become a real nuisance to many of the southern states. The nutria was introduced to southern states a long time ago, and since then the nutria population has more than just multiplied. Nutria is considered a danger to coastal restoration and they have now become the hunted. Since then, the nutria has now become a southern dish. I have NO IDEA what it taste like, and have not ever come across anyone that has tried it. Yet, I know that many have tried it!! I have heard that nutria is actually very HEALTH for because the animal is actually very clean in nature. Still, with that huge of a tail, I want nothing to do with it at my diner table!!!

The Roasted Pig

The roasted pig, better known as a "Cochon De Lait," has become a southern tradition. In fact, there is actually a festival devoted to the entire tradition and process of roasting the pig. The St. Martinville Boucherie has garnished worldwide attention in recent years, and it displays EVERYTHING that takes place in preparation for a southern pig roast. I'll admit, I have had this and its VERY good!! However, for me personally, I rather not witness ALL that goes into the preparation of this southern meal.
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Boiled Crawfish

Ask anyone in Southern Louisiana about boiled crawfish, and 99% of all respondents would say that they could eat it year around if the delicacy was harvested for all 12-months of the year. Unfortunately, crawfish is a seasonal dish in most southern states. Boiled crawfish is much like lobster, much on a much smaller scale. While most crawfish boils consist of many pounds of it, rarely will find any boil with leftovers. This southern delicacy is often prepared in seasoned water and often includes sides like corn, potatoes, onions, and more. Personally, this is by FAR my FAVORITE southern style dish. There is just something special about a crawfish boil with friends and family. We should include here that no crawfish boil is complete without an ice chest of "cold ones" on standby.

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