Did you know that Hall of Fame Coach John Robinson is on the LSU Football staff?

Coach Robinson is a consultant under LSU Coach Ed Orgeron and is often seen on the sidelines for LSU games.

Well, this past weekend when the Tigers took on Alabama, Coach Robinson got a little too close to the action. Alabama's star running back Najee Harris was pushed to the sideline and that's when he inadvertently ran into the legendary coach.

As you can see in the video below, the 85-year-old was taken off his feet and seemed to hit the ground pretty hard.

Luckily Coach Robinson was able to get back up on his feet after being evaluated by the medical staff on the sideline and he appeared to remain there for the rest of the game.

John Robinson was a fixture at USC and in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams in the early days of his career.

The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated LSU 55-17 on Saturday night in "Death Valley."


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