We all have done it. Told a little white lie to impress our first dates. It's all about the first impression...RIGHT?

When going on a first date, you always want to make a great first impression. Some of us have lied about something. From liking things we normally wouldn't eat to the music we listen to.

According to a survey by MSN, one of the things women lie about is "They love to cook."  As a guy, one thing I remember lying about was liking certain movies like 'The Notebook.' It's a great movie but I'm more of a 'Goodfellas' type of guy. But, because of my lie we had to rent it and watch it! Ahhhh! As a result I got friend-zoned! Oh well, you live and you learn.

You can check out the list @MSN.com by CLICKING HERE! and check out the video from BuzzFeed up above.

What are some lies you've told on your first date? Tell the truth! : ) Comment below.

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