If you attended school in the '90s, get ready for a heavy dose of nostalgia as Lisa Frank has announced she is releasing an adult coloring book.

Lisa Frank recently made the announcement on the brand's official Instagram page and fans lost their colorful minds. Even if you didn't tote any Lisa Frank school supplies in your backpack, it was hard to miss the one-of-a-kind color art that made them so popular.

Whether it was stickers on a trapper keeper covered in cats, or a pencil bag full of gel pens adorned with unicorns—Lisa Frank products were some of the most sought after '90s items and her brand is still strong to this day.

Most of Lisa Frank's core fan base are '90s girls who are now moms, but that only makes it more exciting for them to share this experience with their little ones. Little do the kids know, mom will be just as excited to color as they are.

EW is reporting that the Lisa Frank adult coloring books will be available in July and August at Dollar General stores for $3.

Keep up with the latest from Lisa Frank on the official IG page here.


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