I think we can all relate to this crawfish loving little guy... when you gotta have crawfish, you gotta have crawfish.

There's this feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you get the first whiff of a crawfish boil. It's probably a mix of hunger, from waiting all day to eat so you can scarf down 10 lbs of mud bugs, and just pure excitement. It's almost the feeling you get when you see someone you're crushing on, you know, those little butterflies. Yeah, I guess I have a crush on crawfish, but it's totally understandable, right?

I feel this kid's pain. Well, not his actual pain, because I've never tried to eat a live crawfish and suffered the little crawfish pinches as I was excitedly getting ready to bite into the little creature, shell and all. But, I have been waiting patiently at a crawfish boil awaiting the moment when someone yells "come and get it!" That wait is, practically, torture.

Also, shout out to YouTube user MikeFunnyTV for titling this video "Little Boy Tries to Eat a Live Crab"... they're clearly crawfish, bruh.