After their loss to Illinois in the LLWS Rhode Island Little League Coach Dave Belisle delivered a speech to his team that they will never forget.

In the heartfelt speech that is going viral, we are reminded that Little League Baseball isn't just about the trophies, but the overall experience and life lessons.

After a heartbreaking 8-7 loss, Coach Belisle tells his team to keep their chins up and to remember how incredible their journey has been up to that point. The part of the speech that will hit you in the feels is when he addresses the fact that this is probably the last time they will be together as a team.

The boy are visibly upset. Some fight to hold back tears while others cry uncontrollably. When the team embraces, you might just cr—err, umm—I mean, find something in your eyes that cause them to water up.

I can't blame these kids for being emotional, being that they know this is the final moment they will share with this amazing coach who tells them that no matter the score, they will bring back pride to their hometown who is proud of all their accomplishments.

Is it too early to give Coach Belisle the ESPY for Coach of the Year?

[via ESPN]