Party rock was in the house tonight (April 19) on ‘American Idol.’ While Kris Allen doled out a breezy rendition of his new single, LMFAO brought their potent and patented blend of party rock, lightening the someone-is-going-home mood of the elimination episode. Someone had to bring the fun, and Sky Blu and Redfoo answered the call with a rousing, zebra-filled and colorful rendition of their apology anthem ‘Sorry for Party Rocking.’

Hands down, this was the best performance we have ever seen on ‘Idol’ by an established act. Why? Because they brought a costumed zebra on stage which wiggled and shuffled, LMFAO-style. It was likely two people in a single costume, but it was sheer genius and pure brilliance and we almost couldn’t write this review post of their performance because we were too busy cackling and literally LOFAO. Some might say we were party rocking.

The LMFAO boys made us want to get up on the stage, dance and wear black leather Party Rock pants. Host Ryan Seacrest said it best when he stated, “You guys really need to learn how to have fun.” No one has as much fun as LMFAO. Say what you will about their manufactured music, but they have a good a– time, every time.

Synth pop ruled the ‘Idol’ stage thanks to LMFAO.

Watch LMFAO Perform ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ on ‘American Idol’

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