File this under “Funniest. Thing. Ever. EVER!” That’s until something else comes along to usurp that title.

Spin classes suck. Ever do one? It’s tough. Forget all that “No pain, no gain” blah blah blah nonsense. LMFAO and Jimmy Fallon (last seen battling The Biebs) spin their butts off and sing about it in this skit from Fallon’s late night TV show.

That’s actually Fallon on the right, wearing the RedFoo’s afro and big glasses. We know, we thought he was in the center at first, too. But that’s Sky Blu with his new haircut.

Singing the gut-busting ‘The Spin Bike Song,’ which mixes pop culture references with phrases about how much spinning hurts, LMFAO and Fallon put a little fun in rigorous exercise.

RedFoo sings, “I’ve got big a– ‘fro / And some crazy shades / And yes, the carpets matching the drapes.” Ooh, sassy!

Fallon croons, “I like the band One Direction / These pants make it hard to hide an erection.” We’re sure Harry Styles and co. love their band name being used to rhyme in a naughty way.

Put simply, spinning hurts their junk so instead of merely complaining about it, they put their frustration into a song.

The guys got a workout, didn’t they? So did we, from keeling over with laughter.

Watch LMFAO + Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘The Spin Class Song’

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