The mosquitoes are terrible right now and one local cattleman showed us just how bad they are in his part of Acadiana.

Justin Fuselier, from Acadia Parish, sent me this video of mosquitoes swarming in his field and now he is worried about the well-being of his cattle.

It is very common to see a large number of mosquitoes after a hurricane, but this is insane. The field where the video below was shot is not far from Eunice.

I know that a number of parishes are spraying for mosquitoes, but the mosquito population has seemed to explode in recent weeks.

Let us remind you to protect yourself, children, pets and livestock until the mosquito population diminishes in the weeks ahead.

A very powerful cold front is expected to sweep across Acadiana by the end of the weel and this should help contain the pests here in South Louisiana.

Check out this video below.


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