Abi and Nicolas Bordelon have gone through something no expecting parents could prepare for. A couple of weeks before their baby was due, Abi was tested for coronavirus and needed to be separated from her baby until her results came in. As a result, what one of their newborn's nurses did for Abi and her family is one of the most caring things you'll ever see...

Because current agency guidelines recommend separation until test results are known, Abi couldn't hold her new baby boy out of caution. Baby Remi was instead kept and cared for in the nursery by the nurses at Our Lady of Lourdes

Brittany Prevost, one of the nurses who cared for baby Remi, was heartbroken watching what Abi and Nicolas were going through. Brittany knew they were scared. She knew they were scared for their baby, and for each other.

That's when Brittany decided to write a letter to the new parents letting them know how much love their new baby boy was getting in their absence.

"I just fed your precious baby boy Remington and he is the sweetest. After his feeding, I held him, snuggled him, and then I cried!"

An amazingly touching and compassionate thing for her to do for someone, and exactly when they needed it the most.

By the way, Abi messaged me today and shared the good news that her COVID-19 test came back negative.

Below is Abi's post to Facebook about her family's journey along with a picture of the note nurse Brittany wrote.

Grab the tissues, it's a good one.

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