Long head guy is coming for your fame, Wide neck guy!

Of course you remember the Wide neck guy, and how much attention he got after his mugshot went viral. Well, there's no doubt that everyone's about to go crazy about long head guy.

So, what caused this guy to get his picture taken in this capacity?

According to a report posted on the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office website, Phillip Lester, 61, was arrested Tuesday and charged with assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm.

According to KSEE, the street fight was caught on video.

In the video, it appears that Lester is holding a bat and fighting with a second man who appears to be holding a metal rod.

Witnesses said the victim was knocked unconscious in the fight. KSEE reported the victim was taken to a local hospital. His condition was unknown.

Do you think there's a chance that the fight started with a mean, yet accurate ragging of the size of his head?

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