I don't often get a night off on the weekends, but during this coronavirus pandemic, I've had a few nights off to spend with family.

Well, a few nights ago I went back home and started to look around at all of the things my parents have collected through the years. Being that I was in no rush, I really took the time to look over a few of the treasures inside and outside of their home.

A few years back my parents really got into collecting old radios and I hope to one day add to the collection. They have scoured pawn shops and antique stores for years and I'd often ask, why this?

Now I know why. Their collection of "things" continues to grow and it is becoming quite impressive.

Yes, one of their hobbies has been to visit antique shops and here are just a few of the collectors I found while back home.

Let me note here that what I am about to show you are just a few of the things on display. There are reportedly many more antique items tucked away.

I bet those guys who travel the country (The Pickers) looking for old things worth money would love my parent's house.

I hope you enjoy it and perhaps some of you can relate to some of the antique items below.

Antique Items In My Parent's House