First, it was the palm reading payment option at whole foods now Amazon has announced a new feature that really has us feeling like we have officially entered the future. One of the many reasons people rely on Amazon for practically everything these days is that customers can leave reviews on the products they purchased.

We pride ourselves on the extensive "research" we always do before purchasing a product on Amazon even if it is just a toothbrush or a dog toy, we still want to know what people are saying about the product before we spend our hard-earned cash on it. Personally, we can't even imagine purchasing a product without understanding how other people who have spent their own money on the product themselves feel about it.

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Marques Thomas Via Unsplash
Marques Thomas Via Unsplash

Let's face it, shopping online is super convenient but nothing is worse than being so excited about a product you were influenced to buy on TikTok just for it to arrive and be a complete disappointment because you accidentally ordered the wrong thing or didn't read the reviews first.

Reading and watching amazon review videos has saved the day more than once but it can be time-consuming. Before you know it you have read 10 minutes worth of conflicting comments and your left trying to sort out if you are going to order the slippers in your size or the size up based on what people are saying in their reviews.

Customers have embraced the idea of leaving honest reviews universally since the feature was first launched in 1995 and just as quickly embraced the feature that allows customers to add photos and videos of the products they purchased. Now Amazon is rolling out a brand new AI-generated customer review highlight feature to make learning from other customers' reviews even easier and faster than ever before since the value and importance of reviews have continued to grow.

How it Works:

This new feature provides a short summary of everything people are saying about the product. This short paragraph with detail frequently mentioned details written in the reviews. You will be able to find this AI-powered product feedback on the product detail page.

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