Keep the Gumbo pot out.

As Christmas approaches, we are beginning to see temperatures drop across the country.

How cold will it get for Christmas in Louisiana? The answer is, VERY cold.

Early forecasts have temperatures in the 20s just days before Christmas, but one model even has temperatures here in the teens.

So yes, it will be very cold as Christmas approaches.

Now, some are asking if we will see snow for Christmas this year in Louisiana and I will tell you that I have seen some forecasts, which are still ways out, suggesting that we could see snow in south Louisiana on Christmas Day.

Again, we are still a few days out from more accurate forecasts, but all indications are that it will be very cold this Christmas, for most of the country.

Here's Rob's extended forecast, just days before Christmas. Note what is moving further south on Dec 23rd.

Here's one of a few forecasts that I saw on social media suggesting that snow could fall from the sky on Christmas Day in the deep south.


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