A utility worker in Mississippi was airlifted to a medical facility after he was attacked by a pack of dogs.

WLBT reports that the utility worker was attacked by five pit bulls after his truck got stuck while backing out of a long driveway.

The utility worker was reportedly attacked by the dogs while he was walking back to the house that he had just serviced.

The homeowner shot and killed one of the dogs after he fired a gun in hopes of scaring the dogs away.

A nurse who lives nearby administered aid until medics arrived, but the worker lost a lot of blood due to the deep lacerations on his body.

The good news here is that the worker is expected to survive the attack, but did undergo several hours of surgery upon his arrival at the hospital.

According to the initial report, The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office said Smith put down the remaining dogs involved in the attack. The owner of the dogs was not in compliance with the county's ordinance on pit bulls.


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