He did this.

Watch as Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow does the "Icky Shuffle" with Bengals legend Icky Woods.

Woods greets Burrow on the field after their AFC Championship victory Sunday and after a quick hug, Burrow showed Woods his moves.

If you aren't familiar with the "Icky Shuffle," it was a dance that took the NFL by storm in the 90s.

Icky Woods would often perform the shuffle after scoring a touchdown and the dance moves became very popular amongst many fans.

Yes, even as a kid, we would the "Icky Shuffle" in the backyard while playing football with friends, it was that popular.


Check out Joe's moves here and if you're pulling for Burrow and the Bengals in the upcoming Super Bowl, you're probably hoping to see more of this.

The Bengals will take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI on February 13th from SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.


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