Deep in the swamps of Louisiana lies the legend of Le Feu Follet, also known as the "Cajun Fairy". On the surface, Cajun Fairy doesn't sound like a threatening force of nature, but according to Cajun ancestors, Le Feu Follet can lead you into the darkest spaces of Louisiana's swampland.

Feu Follet is french for "marsh fire" or "crazy fire". Legend claims that Le Feu Follet appears in the dark of night in the swamps of South Louisiana. Cajuns of the past described the "Cajun Fairy" as balls of light or fire. The phosphorescent orbs hovering over the boggy swamp have been called "swamp fairies". They lead you into the thick muck until you become lost. With no way out, you drown.

Le Feu Follet orbs, about the size of a candle flame, prance over the swamp and lure you into following them.

According to, in some cases, the balls were the spirits of dead people.

The Feu Follet was identified in some cases as the spirits of passed-on loved ones coming back to bid their final goodbyes. -Pelican State of Mind

People continue to report seeing Le Feu Follet, however, nowadays spottings also occur in cemeteries and graveyards.

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If you happen to be in the swamps of Louisiana or a quiet cemetery in the dead of night, don't go toward the light.

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