What exactly constitutes milk? For most of us when we hear the word "milk" we think of a delicious beverage that is obtained from cows. However, there are plenty of other kinds of "milk" on the market for consumers to buy. That has raised the ire of at least one Louisiana legislator.

Senator Francis Thompson (D-Delhi) believes the makers of those other kinds of milk, the kind that doesn't come from cows, should not be allowed to use the word milk in describing their product. The Senator believes allowing almond milk and soy milk producers use of the term can be confusing to consumers.

Senator Thompson has filed legislation that would prohibit any non-dairy product from describing itself as milk. The Senator also has an issue with the term cauliflower "rice". But that is not addressed in this piece of legislation.

Senator Thompson believes this legislation will help protect Louisiana's dairy producers and their families. He also believes the legislation will force producers of other non-dairy kinds of milk to be more forthright in their packaging and nutritional information.

Louisiana's once robust dairy industry is now down to less than 80 farms statewide. Should Thompson's measure be approved it would go into effect in August of this year.

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