Oschner Baptist in New Orleans is now home to Mother's Milk Bank, which is the first such facility ever in the state.

The bank allows mothers to donate milk that will in turn be used to help premature babies grow through a turbulent first period of their life.

Premature babies need the vital nutrients that just can't be found in formula.

"We've known it from the beginning of human history that human milk has been best for babies. Commerical formula is certainly not the best medicine for a baby," says Neonatal Intensive Care Director Harley Ginsberg.

The facility was three and a half years in the making. And just because the milk bank is located in New Orleans, doesn't mean it won't benefit the rest of the state.

The milk is collected, pasteurized, and stored until it is needed.

"If a doctor at whatever NICU thinks that his patient would benefit by that, they write a prescription or they write an order, the hospital orders it, and we then overnight ship frozen milk," says Ginsberg.

The Mother's Milk Bank is a not-for-profit initiative.

Louisiana is now the 22nd state to open a milk bank.


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