As a rule, I have found the people of the great state of Louisiana to be quite accomodating and friendly. In fact, most people in Louisiana are just downright jovial most of the time. But if what I am reading from the online repository of ideas, images, and interesting thoughts known as Reddit is for real we could be on the cusp of a major culinary battle.

The battle over black iron supremacy and especially roux began on the Reddit/Louisiana page. On that page, a meme was published that featured two women apparently arguing about what goes into a roux. One woman proclaims "Roux is Butter and Flour". The other woman, who obviously disagrees with the first woman says " No! Oil and Flour".

CookingWithCarolyn via YouTube

Now, being from Mississippi and not really qualified to have an opinion on such an important subject like this I have been just sitting back watching the comments roll in. You can see the whole Reddit thread right here if you want to go read some of the witty and snarky comments that some people are leaving behind.

So, which is it for your roux? Is it oil and flour? Or, is it butter and flour? Or is it a combination of the two as many of the commenters on the Reddit piece proclaimed?

Of course, since this is the Internet, there will be a few obstinate individuals who would opt for "neither" as their answer. Many of those individuals said they opted for bacon grease or bacon fat as the catalyst for their roux construction.

Neal Campbell via YouTube

Others suggested that the mix of the roux was based on the kind of gumbo that was being prepared. They might use butter in the roux for seafood gumbo and oil in the roux for chicken and sausage. One commenter even noted that they used duck fat to make their roux.

As I mentioned to begin this article, Louisiana people for the most part are accomodating and friendly, until you start sticking stuff in their black iron pots, then you better be ready to defend your position or just walk yourself over to the corner and sit down.

So, what's the right answer? Oh, no, I am not falling into that trap. I'd have to be dumber than Disney to offer a non-Louisiana opinion on something as important as gumbo. Y'all did see this major screw-up and faux pas that Disney made regarding gumbo, right?

Alright, I am going to assume that if you are familiar with gumbo, you probably know about boudin. Well, we've got some things you need to be aware of about that slice of Louisiana culture too.

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