Louisiana Senator John Kennedy has a message for anyone who is critical of him or the police.

In his latest campaign ad, Kennedy zeroes in on the violent crime that has been plaguing cities like New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana. Kennedy criticized "woke leaders" who "blame the police" by ending his ad with a one-liner that caused the clip to go viral almost instantly.

Look, if you hate cops just because they’re cops, the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead

Kennedy, a former Democrat who switched to the Republican party in 2007, featured surveillance footage of hooded suspects who appear to be attempting to break into a home while headlines about crimes populate on the screen.

Reactions to Kennedy's ad were mixed, to say the least—with some people wondering if the 30-second spot was even a real ad.

Others debated over Kennedy's accountability when it came to the crime statistics that he highlighted in his campaign ad.

One woman shared a story about a time when she actually relied on a crackhead for help.

Someone even made a t-shirt featuring the one-liner.

Gary Chambers Jr., one of Kennedy's challengers in the upcoming mid-term elections, fired back at the Louisiana Senator for specifically targeting crackheads in his ad.

This wasn't the first time the Louisiana Senator used the zinger as he dropped the "crackhead" line, almost verbatim, during a 2020 interview on 'Hannity.'

Kennedy drops the line at the 1:20 mark.

As the election approaches, you can only expect these campaign ads to heat up.

Just last week, Republican congressional candidate Holden Hoggatt dropped a very pointed ad against Clay Higgins, mocking the incumbent U.S. Congressman with his own St. Landry Crime Stoppers persona.

Are polarizing one-liners and shock commentary the norm in politics now? Are they more important than qualifications and track records when it comes to our elected leaders? Based on recent poll results, that seems to be the case and some are even saying that it's the only way for candidates to have a shot in today's political climate.

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