You can add Walgreens to the list of major retailers who are slashing prices in response to the persistent inflation we are experiencing in Louisiana and nationwide.

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Walgreens Joins List of Major Retailers Slashing Prices

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Just last week Target shared they would be reducing the price of 5,000 items over the next few months. For the first time in seven years Target saw a decline in sales, so in and effort to keep up with inflation Target will be decreasing the price of select food items, diapers, and pet food, just to name a few.

CNN reported that Amazon Fresh will be discounting 4,000 items by up to 30% online and in stores. These items include frozen food to fresh meat and seafood items for starters. Additionally, Walmart announced they will be cutting prices in their stores on nearly 7,000 items in a variety of categories.

250 items at Aldi will also see a price decrease. Everything from meat to snacks will be significantly cheaper, even though Aldi is known for offering cheaper prices across the board already.

Walgreens announced on Wednesday that they will be decreasing the price of over 1,500 items currently sold in all of their 9,000 store locations nationwide. According to CNN, this will include both name-brand and store-brand items. It seems retailers are adjusting to consumers' post-pandemic shopping habits and taking inflation into consideration.

While inflation hit a 'three-year low' in April, it still is higher than pre-pandemic levels. Retailers hope that these price adjustments can give consumers the breathing room they need to go back to shopping regularly.

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