This is so funny.

A couple of linemen working in southeast Louisiana after Hurricane Ida seemed to be enjoying some jambalaya, but when they asked if you weren't in Louisiana eating the southern dish where you at, a woman here had the perfect response.

The woman's response here is that she is in the dark waiting for them to restore the power. Of course, this was all done in a joking manner as many are aware that crews are working nonstop to restore the power after Hurricane Ida.


We hope all of the linemen in Louisiana stay safe while working nonstop and we certainly hope they all enjoy the food we have to offer in the deep south.

So, to the men asking where you're at if you're not eating jambalaya in Louisiana, here's your answer.

One more thing, I want to applaud the young lady in the video below for having a sense of humor while still out of power. She has made the most of her situation.


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In an update to Chelsie's situation down south, apparently, the linemen have restored her electricity because she is now enjoying desert while the air conditioner blows in her home.

##stitch with @doodiedoo1463

♬ original sound - Chelsie B

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