Alright, I was trying to be gentle with the headline. The real headline should read the grossest thing that people in Louisiana regularly eat. Of course, gross is in the eye or should I say mouth of the beholder. 

Before we get to our state's favorite worst food let's take a look at some of the sick things people in neighboring states are willing to put in their mouth.

In Arkansas, the favorite grossest food is Buffalo Ribs. I know you're thinking that doesn't sound bad. The ribs of a big hairy beast that look very similar to the stars of TV's Duck Dynasty. You'd be wrong, Buffalo Ribs are actually the ribs of the Buffalo Fish. When you consider these ribs come from a fish your first thought might involve a memory of the Flintstones.

In Texas, the good people there like to sink their teeth into Deep Fried Butter. That is truly as gross as it sounds and it is exactly what you think it is. This is actually a staple at the Texas State Fair. If you'd  like to make your own simply freeze a stick of butter, wrap it in biscuit dough, drop it in the fryer, and then call your cardiologist.

 In Mississippi, those fortunate to have teeth to sink into food will opt for Koolickle. I know it does sound like a pop song from  Justin Bieber featuring Drake and Pharrell but it's actually even worse. The Koolickle is a pickle that is soaked in Kool-Aid. You can pick the flavor of your choice to sweeten the flavor of your pickle. Personally, I think the only flavor I would be tasting is vomit.

In Louisiana, where we are known for eating things that other people call the exterminator for, our favorite worst food is Nutria Rat. Those who have sampled the meat of this invasive species suggest the flavor is similar to rabbit. My guess is that many who have sampled this dish were not told what they were eating until after they swallowed.

If you're wondering about the rest of the country, a complete list compiled by Thrillist features the best worst food from each of the 50 states. Those dishes range from the Hot Beef Sundae to the Garbage Plate, to Livermush to The Fat Elvis. Based on the evidence presented it looks like that guy from the Bizarre Foods TV Show is going to have plenty of episodes to film before he finally dies from eating all this stuff.

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