LSU athlete and reigning homecoming queen Mo Isom was recently featured on "The Ellen Show." Isom was a soccer superstar at LSU and then decided to try her luck out when she decided to tryout for the LSU football team. Isom recently tried out for the team as a place kicker, but did not make the squad. However, she still has her sights on being the first female to ever make the LSU team. In addition to her athletic skills at LSU, Isom has been very involved at the University. In 2011, she was crowned homecoming queen for involvement at LSU.

Like so many, her story is one for the books. Isom has had to overcome so many obstacles along the way, and her story of perseverance is one that should be admired by many.

Checkout the what Isom had to say on the show, and be sure to stick around to see her put to test. Yes, Ellen took Isom out of her Hollywood studios and challenged her a few field goal kicks. Does she have what it takes to kick for the Tigers? See for yourself.