Someone should have reminded Jason Aldean that he was in Louisiana.

The country music star rocked the Cajundome in Lafayette Friday night, but a group of LSU fans was quick to remind him that he was in "Tiger Country".

While the country musician was performing on stage in the Cajundome, LSU fans who standing in the pit started the chant "Tiger Bait" because Aldean had a Georgia guitar strap over his shoulder.

After a few seconds into the chant, Jason Aldean heard something and looked toward the Tiger fans.

He quickly caught on, tapped the Georgia logo with his hand, and laughed it off while LSU fans soaked up the moment.

Here's how it all went down.

Well, the country star had this to say after a video surfaced of LSU fans giving a hard time, in a good way.

Jason Aldean Facebook
Jason Aldean Facebook

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