A couple of weeks ago, LSU Interim President Tom Galligan announced the university's plans to enter into Phase Three and reopening the school. However, it looks like he's decided to postpone plans to welcome students and facility back on campus. According to KPLC-7, the original date to reopen was Monday, June 29, but it might not be safe to do so. Much like the rest of the nation, Louisiana is starting to see a rise in new COVID-19 cases.

Via the university's website on Monday, June 22, Galligan addressed a letter to everyone looking to return to school. In the letter, he said that, due to surges of the virus across the nation and in neighboring communities by LSU, there is no way to reopen safely. Galligan announced the university would continue to operate in Phase Two, in accordance with the state's pause on Phase Three plans. Keep an eye out for more updates at LSU.edu.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are on the rise and it's imperative that all Americans take this very seriously. The best thing we can do to stop the spread is follow CDC recommendations in wearing masks, continuing social distancing, and staying away from crowed places. Galligan reminded all LSU faculty, staff, and students that we are still very much in the middle of a deadly worldwide pandemic.

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