LSU says it is aware of the viral video that shows one of their student-athletes using a racial slur.

According to a tweet sent out by the official @LSUsports Twitter account on Saturday, the university says they are taking "immediate and deliberate steps" to address the tweet that has widely circulated on social media.

A WBRZ report says that an LSU tennis player was identified as the individual seen using the racial slur in the video that was shared late on Friday (Sep. 16).

The video was shared on Twitter late Friday and whipped up outrage online, with many identifying the person in the video as a tennis player at the university.

A female could be seen in the video clip (below) using the NSFW slur—allegedly on campus according to sources who claim to be familiar with the situation.

The same Twitter account showed another NSFW video of the student-athlete, seeming to respond to others who pointed out that she "literally used the n-word."

Her response: "...and?"

While LSU says they were taking "steps" to address the situation the university did not clarify what type of discipline the student-athlete might be facing—or if she would be facing any consequences at all.

See the full story here via WBRZ.

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