LUS is prepped and ready to restore power to the Lafayette area once the storm passes.

Over 320 lineman and tree trimming personnel representing 19 cities throughout seven states will be on hand to help Lafayette Utilities System restore power once Hurricane Delta makes it past our area. Their restoration plan will go into effect once winds drop below 39 mph.

Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) will be joined by over 320 linemen and tree trimming personnel from Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia and the Carolinas representing 19 cities in a mutual aid effort to restore power after Hurricane Delta. Due to the size of the storm, damage may be extensive and may result in an extended period of time without power.

Videos of individual power companies on their way to Lafayette are pretty awesome to see.

Step by step, LUS will assess the damage in our area, then begin repairs in a sequence that will get the power turned back on for "the largest number of customers as soon as possible."

Other utility services like Slemco, Cleco, etc. follow the same type of restoration protocol and will have assistance coming from other states and cities.

Once the storm passes and winds have dropped below 39 miles per hour, power restoration begins with an assessment of the damage. After damage assessment, repairs start at the generating facilities and transmission lines and then work continues to the distribution substations, then to main line repairs to critical need facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations. Restoration will continue on to power poles and overhead transformers in an effort to restore services to the largest number of customers as soon as possible.

Residents are asked to keep a safe distance from work crews in the area to ensure safety for the crews and the general public.

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